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Does family violence influence property settlement?

Ordinarily, marital conduct does not influence financial settlement. For example, if a husband is unfaithful to his wife, this has no bearing on the amount a court may award the husband in respect of his contribution to the marital property. However, in some instances, family violence can impact upon the courts assessment of contributions. The […]

Gilmour & Lennon: The impact of child relocation

The recent decision of Gilmour & Lennon [2015] FamCAFC 166 concerns the impact that child relocation can have on a child’s relationship with the separated parent and the consideration of the practical difficulties faced by the parents. On 8 July 2008 final parenting orders were made for the child to live with her mother and […]

Potentially Polygamous Marriages Allowed in Australia

The Full Family Court has found that potentially polygamous marriages entered into in foreign jurisdictions are recognised by Australia in Ghazel v Ghazel and Anor [2016] FamCAFC 31 Background: Mr and Mrs Ghazel were married in mid-1981 in Iran, a country whose law permits husbands to take up to three additional wives in certain circumstances. […]