We are available to provide advice, and negotiate on your behalf, in relation to any family law issue that you are facing.

We understand the unique pressures and difficulties which can arise in the context of any family dispute, particularly where your finances and/or children are concerned.

Wherever possible, we always endeavour to assist and encourage our clients to resolve their issues with the other party by mutual agreement, in the first instance.

In doing so, we are guided by the principles of understanding, empathy, compassion and respect.

We always strive to handle our clients’ matters with the care, attention and diligence that we ourselves would expect in similar circumstances.  You can be assured that your case will be managed with the appropriate degree of respect and sensitivity that it deserves.

We are able to assist you to formalise and document any agreement that you reach with the other party, in terms which are binding and enforceable in a court.

If, however, your matter needs to be brought before the courts for any reason, we will represent you in the strongest possible terms, having regard the peculiar sensitivities of the family law jurisdiction.