Are you a Croydon resident in need of advice and representation in relation to a family law matter?

Boyce Family Law is a dedicated family law firm that practices exclusively in the complex field of family law. Led by a Law Society of New South Wales accredited specialist in family law, our divorce lawyers provide specialist advice and representation in all matters of family law including financial and property settlements, child custody disputes and spousal maintenance.

Our divorce and family lawyers are experienced in achieving the best possible outcome available to our clients. In financial and property matters we achieve the maximum settlement available. No matter is too simple or too complex. Our advice and representation is tailored to suit your personal objectives and your budget.

Services provided by Boyce Family Law to Croydon locals

At Boyce Family Law, our divorce and separation lawyers are highly skilled at providing top tier advice and representation in a range of family law matters including:

  • property and asset division and settlement
  • child custody disputes
  • spousal maintenance
  • domestic violence and apprehended violence orders


If you are seeking a divorce, our family law specialists can perform the entire divorce process for you.

Financial disputes

Often, the dissolution of a relationship will result in a dispute over how the assets accumulated during the relationship should be split between the parties. It is essential that you know what the court would likely award you if your matter proceeds to court. Our separation lawyers have significant experience and skill in determining how much you will likely receive if your matter proceeds to court. We have experience in even the most complex of financial matters involving business assets and trust structures. Our family law solicitors will ensure that you receive the maximum financial settlement available to you.

Parenting matters

Disputes arise over which parent children should live with or how much time children should spend with each parent. Often, parenting disputes will involve complex issues such as allegations of substance abuse or family violence. The family law lawyers at Boyce Family Law have considerable expertise in bringing resolution to parenting disputes. From the very beginning of your matter, we will conceive and achieve a case strategy, implementation and delivery that maximises the chance of achieving your objectives in your parenting matter.