Boyce Family Law provides reliable legal advice and representation in relation to all family law and related matters to the residents of Randwick. Our divorce and family lawyers provide effective advice in all areas of family law, including property and financial settlements, parenting matters and spousal maintenance.

Services available to residents of Randwick

At Boyce Family Law, our divorce and family lawyers provide expert advice and representation in relation to all areas of family law. Our practice areas include:

  • married couples as well as de facto relationships
  • divorce and separation
  • child custody disputes
  • the ongoing parenting arrangements for children
  • spousal maintenance
  • property and asset division and settlement
  • domestic violence and apprehended violence orders

Divorce services for Residents of Randwick

If you require assistance filing an Application for Divorce our divorce and family lawyers are well equipped to provide comprehensive advice and representation tailored to your individual matter. Contact Boyce Family Law and speak with one of our specialist divorce lawyers who will guide you through the process.

Financial advice for residents of Randwick

Often when people separate they will need to determine how they are going to divide the assets and liabilities which they have accrued throughout the course of their relationship between themselves. At Boyce Family Law our family lawyers provide our clients with advice which is tailored to their circumstances, whether it is an amicable division of assets or a matter requiring litigation.

Parenting advice for residents of Randwick

Often a dispute will arise in relation to which parent the children will live with and how much time they will spend with the other parent. Boyce Family Law’s family and divorce lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients to obtain the best outcome for both the parents and their children.