Working through a divorce settlement does not always need to involve working against each other in court. Today, an increasing number of Australians are using collaborative family law to settle their differences. In a collaborative setting, both parties engage lawyers who work with each other to produce a legally-binding settlement. In addition to minimising costs, using a Sydney collaborative law specialist reduces stress and prevents delays.

Using collaborative family law to your advantage

Although collaborative family law is a relatively new practice, our team is adept at following this process. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, our in-house team of collaboratively-trained lawyers is ready to take private clients and referrals from other legal practitioners.

The collaborative family law process begins with you and your former partner agreeing to enter into it. You will need a legal team on your side, as any resulting agreements are binding. This will be followed by meetings with your legal professional where you can highlight the issues you want to resolve and why these issues are important to you. After each legal professional has gathered all the required information from their client, roundtable meetings can take place with both lawyers and their clients in attendance to reach an agreement.

Collaborative family law helps you reach a settlement

Over the course of the roundtable meetings, you will try to reach a settlement. As Sydney collaborative law specialists, we sometimes need to request the assistance of other professionals and experts, such as accountants and asset valuers. This is no different to the information-gathering that would take place in legally-assisted negotiation or in a court setting. The aim is always to further your interests, however, by conducting the process away from a courtroom, ideally we can expedite matters.

All collaborative family law meetings aim to promote openness and honesty. Our expert levels of training have allowed us to acquire the skills necessary to make such proceedings a success.

The advantages of using a Sydney collaborative law specialist

Turning to a Sydney collaborative law specialist comes with many advantages. They include:

  • Engaging in a solution-driven process from the start, rather than one that focuses on gathering evidence
  • Collaborative family law makes it easier to achieve an amicable relationship as you move forward, which is important for any children involved
  • The speedy nature of our Sydney collaborative law specialists minimises stress for your children
  • It is a holistic approach that promotes unity rather than a stressful separation.

In order for you to experience the benefits of collaborative practice, you need to enter into the proceedings with a sense of fairness and honesty. Collaborative family law may not be appropriate when one person is seeking to hide assets, or where there is a significant power imbalance between the parties. Similarly, if there are accusations of domestic violence, we do not recommend taking this approach. As dedicated professionals, we will assess each case individually, and inform you if we think collaboration will not work.

If you believe using a Sydney collaborative law team is right for you, we are ready to help. To make an inquiry about the proceedings, call 02 9223 3099 (8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays) or email Book a consultation here or contact us today.