Dispute Resolution

We provide Family Dispute Resolution services in relation to a broad range of family law parenting matters. We are registered with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s office to issue statutory certificates under section 60I Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

All families have disputes, but when it becomes impossible to resolve them alone, life starts to feel like a nightmare. Clients often tell us that discussions with their ex-partner result in a heated argument, where both sides dig their heels in, preventing them from moving forward. In such situations, using a family law mediation service can deliver a swift resolution. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we provide family mediation services for many different kinds of disagreements. By attempting family law mediation in Sydney, you give yourself the chance to move forward and heal without going to court.

What is family law mediation?

Mediation is an approach that involves using a professional to help you come to an agreement. It is particularly helpful when you have attempted to discuss matters with your ex-partner, but have not been able to come to an agreement. At mediation, you and your ex-partner have the power to determine the outcome that will deliver the best result in your circumstances, meaning both parties tend to feel more satisfied and in control than in a court setting, where power is given away. We can draft legally binding agreements based on what is discussed at mediation, so you achieve a legally-binding result in the same way as you would if a judge decides an outcome in court.

In the realm of family law, mediation is appropriate for tackling a large range of disagreements. They include:

  • Financial matters, including dividing assets
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Resolving arguments within a household
  • Property division amongst family members
  • Managing the breakdown of a de-facto relationship
  • Managing the breakdown of a same-sex de-facto relationship or marriage.

At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, our skilled mediators assist you to frame your discussions using a facilitative model, helping you to reach an agreement. Although it may feel as though there has been a complete breakdown in communication, it is usually still possible to resolve your disputes with the right professional on hand.

How does family mediation work?

Unlike when we represent you as a lawyer, in mediation we remain impartial toward both sides. This is the case even when one party approaches us before the other. After you have both agreed to mediation, you enter an environment where you are both given the chance to discuss what has left you feeling aggrieved. At times, we will direct the conversation so that it remains productive. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has their say, as this allows the family mediation process to result in a mutually-beneficial agreement.

At some stage in the mediation, we will often talk to each party on their own to check in and ensure that the mediation is progressing. The aim is always to help the discussion move forward for everyone involved. After the discussion is complete, we can draw up a legally binding agreement that helps you secure your future. If you are unable to reach an agreement, we are able to issue statutory certificates under Section 60I Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) which allow you to file an application in the Family Court for custody matters.

If you believe that family law mediation in Sydney is right for you, call 02 9223 3099 (8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays) or email us on enquiry@boycefamilylaw.com.au.