When a marriage breaks down, successfully making your way through the separation will determine how the next few years of your life unfold. Hiring the right firm of divorce lawyers is important, especially when there are children involved. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, our separation lawyers in Sydney handle all types of divorce matters. From dividing assets through to custody agreements, we aim for the best outcome with each of our clients.

Applying for a divorce

Under Australian law, you must be separated for at least 12 months before you can apply for a divorce. However, you can begin dividing your property and financial assets at any time. Additionally, you can begin making custody arrangements for your children before applying for the divorce.

It is possible to apply for a divorce application yourself. If you choose to do this, we will help you prepare the court documents so that they are processed rapidly. Like the majority of our clients, you may prefer that we prepare your divorce application, serve it on your spouse, and finalise it on your behalf. Our team can attend your divorce hearing and help bring it to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Divorce lawyers in Sydney with specialist interests

Our separation lawyers in Sydney manage the challenging decisions that come with divorce. When you and your partner have not been able to reach an amicable custody agreement on your own, we can help create one that works for you and your children.

Our divorce lawyers also tackle niche areas of family law, including same sex relationship breakdowns. In many cases, a same sex couple divorce is no different from a heterosexual couple divorce. However, areas such as managing child custody agreements when only one person is a biological parent are new ground in Australian law. We help our clients with these uncertain matters and bring their case to an agreeable resolution.

If your relationship is breaking down and domestic abuse is a factor, we can help provide you with legal advice and referrals to appropriate support services. Escaping an abusive relationship is stressful, especially when you need to protect yourself until the separation completes. We can use legal measures such as Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders to keep you and your children safe and reduce your worries during this difficult time.

Separation lawyers in Sydney who mediate

If you are looking for an alternative means of dispute resolution, our separation lawyers in Sydney provide mediation services. Alternative dispute resolution is often faster than taking a case to court and we regularly have excellent results achieving settlements at mediations.

To have a free chat with one of our divorce lawyers in Sydney, call 02 9223 3099 (8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays) or email us at enquiry@boycefamilylaw.com.au.