Divorce and separation are often complex matters, especially when there are children involved. Australia has a thriving expat community, and we find that many people who initially come to Australia to work temporarily end up falling in love with the country and decide to stay here permanently.  In some cases people move to Australia with their partner or spouse, and in other cases they meet someone locally and settle down here.

As a result, it is not unusual for our clients to find themselves facing separation struggles that spill into the jurisdictions of other nations. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we count ourselves among the best law firms in Sydney at dealing with these sorts of cases. If you are battling a difficult case that involves other countries, we can help you work through this.

A family law firm in Sydney with international expertise

As a family law firm in Sydney with international expertise, we specialise in complex family matters. The most common cases involve individuals who have assets such as property, shares and bank accounts in other countries (sometimes all over the world), or involve the sharing of custody with a parent who is located overseas, or is looking to relocate overseas.

Child custody matters that spill into other countries

When you enter into a relationship with a foreign national, there is always a chance that they may want to return to their home country one day. When it comes to custody agreements, this can make life incredibly challenging. Your former partner may decide that they want to spend a part of the year abroad, or they may decide that they want to return there permanently. When this impacts your children, you will naturally feel concerned about their wellbeing.

At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we can provide you with expert legal advice on how the Australian laws apply to your situation. In addition to providing our services to Australian nationals, we can assist you if you are a foreign national who is living in Australia. Our services range from helping you choose which jurisdiction you want your case to be heard in, to co-ordinating advice across borders. With our assistance, you no longer need to face the complexities of another country’s laws alone.

Dividing assets that are abroad

It is common for our clients to hold some of their assets abroad, such as property, shares or cash. This often happens when the family has resided in another country, when business interests have taken individuals overseas, or for asset protection and tax minimisation purposes. Whatever the reason, it creates extra challenges for a separating couple to ensure that all overseas assets are identified and divided in an appropriate manner. Thanks to our expertise in this area, we are able to act as a law firm in Sydney with international expertise that can help you protect your assets fairly.

We have recently helped clients with connections to the following countries:

  • China
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • India
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Working closely with lawyers from other countries

To achieve our aims, we often work closely with lawyers from other jurisdictions. Doing this helps us navigate areas of the law from our clients’ respective countries.

If you are facing a separation that could involve another jurisdiction, and you are looking for family lawyers in Australia, we can help. To discuss your matter with a member of our legal team, call 02 9223 3099 (8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays) or email enquiry@boycefamilylaw.com.au.