We regularly advise and act for parties in relation to a broad range of family law matters with an international element, including divorce and complex financial, parenting and relocation matters.

These days it is not uncommon for families to spend extended periods living in foreign countries and for Australians to enter into relationships with foreign nationals.

Australia is also increasingly becoming a popular destination for foreign nationals to relocate or temporarily reside for professional or other reasons.

With increasing globalisation and international social mobility, comes the potential for ever more complex family law disputes involving assets which are located in countries other than Australia and children who have ties to more than one country.

We are able to provide you with expert legal counsel in relation to any cross border or international family law matter in circumstances where your relationship has a requisite connection with Australia.

One of the most important issues which parties to international family law cases may be required to address relates to selecting the most appropriate forum or jurisdiction in which to pursue a resolution to their circumstances. This question is usually best answered through strategic and co-ordinated advice which is formulated between legal representatives who are expert in the family laws of each country involved.

We have access to a network of international family law experts with whom we work closely from a variety of foreign jurisdictions including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, India and New Zealand.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who requires advice about how Australian family laws may apply to their circumstances, including Australian locals and expats and foreign nationals located in Australia or abroad.