Overcoming legal disputes within your family is often a stressful process. When the thought of entering a courtroom is looming, you may want to seek a swift resolution. Using mediation in Sydney, you can bring your dispute to a close faster than when you enter a court setting. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we offer private mediation to our clients throughout Sydney.

Reasons to choose mediation services in Sydney

The aim of mediation is to help families find a mutually agreeable resolution to their problems. You can still benefit from legally binding results, but you save time and avoid the costs associated with a courtroom battle.

Private mediation is a useful approach for family matters that won’t always end up in court. For example, parents who are managing the behaviour of a difficult teenager may benefit from the agreements drawn by a mediator.

Mediation is used in situations such as asset disputes, separation, and divorce. The parties in these circumstances have often suffered from a breakdown in communication, but they’re not beyond the point of reaching an agreement. Our skilled mediators will oversee your discussions and ensure everyone has a chance to speak. We can help negotiate and draft legally-binding agreements to solidify the resolution you have arrive at with our assistance. We are also able to issue statutory certificates under Section 60I Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) if you have a child custody matter and wish to file a court application.

How private mediation works

The exact nature of your mediation appointment will vary according to the circumstances. However, it usually begins with each person introducing themselves and explaining what they believe the problem is. At this stage, the parties concerned may voice what they want. For example, in a custody dispute, each party may state why they believe their current custody arrangements to be problematic and what they would rather do instead.

After allowing participants to voice their immediate problems, the mediator then oversees their discussion. Our approach to mediation in Sydney uses specialist lawyers who have received the right training in mediating discussions. They’re adept at making sure the discussions are productive and they avoid arguments. In some cases, it’s necessary for the mediator to talk to each person individually for either a portion or the entirety of the mediation. However, this is always done with the aim of furthering the discussion.

If both parties reach an agreement, the mediator will help them decide how they want it recorded. In some cases, mediation isn’t successful. If this happens, you can turn to our divorce lawyers for support with a court case.

If you believe mediation will benefit your family’s legal dispute, call 2 9223 3099 or email us at enquiry@boycefamilylaw.com.au.