Important documents support many of the things that we take for granted in our lives, such as wills, contracts and deeds. Such documents may require formal notarisation, for example when they are required to be produced overseas. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, our notarial services are available by appointment or on an urgent basis.

What can a notary public in Sydney do?

Our notary publics in Sydney have the power to prepare certificates and other documents. From contracts through to deeds, they can use their status as a notary public to make your documents legally acceptable in various judicial settings. Having your documents properly notarised is incredibly important, as the documents may not have any power or value without the correct seal. 

Notaries can witness and authenticate any number of documents, and are especially relevant when you require documents to be certified for use overseas. 

When should you use a notary service?

Using a notary public service is necessary when you need to attest that a document is legally binding under Australian law. You will generally be told by the party or organisation who requires the document if they need it to be notarised. Some common scenarios where your documents will require notarisation include:

  • Creating a power of attorney so someone can care for your affairs in the event of your incapacity
  • Witnessing Australian documents for use abroad such as academic certificates and birth certificates
  • Preparation of Certificates of Good Standing for corporations and entities
  • Verifying commercial and regulatory documents from governments and other institutions
  • Notarising international investment documents

If you are ever unsure as to whether our notary public in Sydney can help you, just get in touch with us to make an inquiry.

Why choose Boyce Family Law & Mediation?

At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we are appointed as a Notary Public in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. We are also a member of the Society of Notaries of New South Wales, placing us amongst some of the most highly-skilled professionals in this field. When you choose us for notary services, you will benefit from a swift and precise approach.

To make an inquiry about what our notary public in Sydney can do for you, call 02 9223 3099 (8.30am to 5.30pm weekdays) or email us at