Same Sex Divorce Lawyers

Ending a same sex marriage works no differently to ending a heterosexual marriage. However, many couples prefer to use lawyers who specialise in same sex separation for both marital and de facto relationship breakdowns, particularly when there are children involved. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, our team has extensive experience in same sex marriage breakdowns and is here to support you through your breakup so you can start your new life.

What can same sex divorce lawyers do?

Same sex divorce lawyers operate in the same way as any other divorce lawyer. At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we have a specialist interest in alternative dispute resolution avenues such as mediation. In our experience, mediation is the best way to resolve separation difficulties without inducing the unwanted stress and cost of court proceedings.

Our expert same sex divorce lawyers will help you navigate all the usual difficulties that come with divorce. If you are unable to reach an agreement using mediation, we can support you through court proceedings.

Managing complex areas of same sex relationships

One area where a same sex relationship breakdown becomes difficult is child custody. Issues surrounding biological parentage, sperm donors, adoption of children and other factors can muddy the waters. While the courts will act in the best interests of your child, it is natural to feel worried given the complexities in this niche area of the law.

At Boyce Family Law & Mediation, we can help you establish your parental responsibility even if you are not the biological parent of the child. By focusing on factors such as how long a child has resided with each parent and any evidence surrounding the decision to have a child together, we make it possible for both parents to be in their children’s lives.